Welcome to the Jam 'N Folk Music Site.

We set up this small site where Jam 'N Folk members, and a few friends, could obtain sheet music, tablature, chords and lyrics for the tunes that we like to play.


Let me know of any announcements that need to be posted.

Here is our calendar:

You will want to have the most recent update for the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you need a copy or need to upgrade (for FREE) to the latest version just click on:

Download a fresh copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader
and fill in the blanks for 1) language, 2) platform (your operating system) and connection speed. Remember where you save it and INSTALL it once you have it on your hard disk. (Yes, I used to be a computer support person in another life.)

The first time you print a sheet of music, check the "print as image" box on the screen that appears just before the page prints. (It is on the right hand side of the screen.) If your printed pages contain missing lines or other strange problems, there is a strong chance that one of two problems needs to be corrected:
- your copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader needs to be updated
- the "print as image" box on the print screen is not checked