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This started as a work in progress and will remain so. It gives me a place to put links that interest me. For my own web pages, those links make it easy to check out any recent revisions.

I am an electrical engineer (retired, kicking and screaming before his time), with a background in both electronics (high power - high frequency microwave tubes) and power (electrical distribution to be exact), who currently has enough interest areas to make one of his friends laugh. My hobbies include astronomy (on the cheap), reading ("mindless" mysteries), bread baking (especially sourdough), cooking (eat your heart out Rachel Ray), playing with dulcimer groups, engineering (how does it work), genealogy (addictive once you get started), home brewing (wine and beer making), music (playing and working up sheet music), numerical methods (using approximations to arrive at answers that are "good enough"), Scottish country dancing, sewing, and web page design. There are probably others, but who cares?

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